007: Joshua Shirley on Body Image, Self-Talk, Addiction, and Health Coaching

This episode’s guest is Health and Body Image Coach, Joshua Shirley. We cover the topics of Body Image, Disordered Eating, Drug Addiction, Self-Talk and how all these things led Joshua to become a Health and Body Image Coach where he is now helping his clients to deal with their body image and health issues NOW so that they do not turn into something much worse, as in his own story.

This episode is unintentionally unique because Joshua and I ended up having a deep conversation instead of the more structured interview format that I’ve been doing.

Also unexpected is that Joshua ends up coaching ME on-the-spot with some of my issues surrounding my own body image and my relationship to my weight that I had not fully dealt with until now. So this episode contains more stories and vulnerability from me than any other one so far, and it’s fucking scary to put this out there, but I’m doing it – and this is because Joshua is not only a highly skilled coach, he is an empathetic listener and a compassionate human being. He was so easy to talk to that I didn’t realize I had pretty much thrown my interview format out the window less than halfway through recording.

And after listening to our conversation during my editing process, I have realized that I would love to do more guest episodes as CONVERSATIONS instead of INTERVIEWS. It was awesome to just talk to my guest and both of us provide value with less of the Q&A format.

I fucking love this episode, and I know you will love Joshua as much as I do! Enjoy!

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Email: c.c.w.healthcoaching@gmail.com

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